Product Overview

PhishingGuardian is Astra IDentity's e-mail security service. It integrates with common mail infrastructure & supplements spam/av filters to provide protection against targeted attacks.

Preventing phishing & targeted spear phishing attacks

Patented Impostor Detection technology

Hackers increasingly target specific individuals within organizations using the spoofed identity of either brands or other individuals who are known to the message recipient. Due to the targeted, personalized, low volume nature of these e-mails SPAM filters miss these attacks. PhishingGuardian supplements these SPAM/AV filters and using its patented Impostor Detection technology is able to detect these spoofed e-mails as spoofs and distinguish them from e-mails from legitimate senders.

Deep analysis

In addition to applying Impostor Detection and other heuristic mechanisms to prevent attacks, PhishingGuardian also expends significant computing resources in evaluating URL's and Attachments that are present in each e-mail. One example is the use of threat Intelligence from multiple sources including the Anti Phishing Working Group and the Secret Service's New York/New Jersey Electronic Crimes Task Force to evaluate each email.

Training in-line with live e-mail

In-line Phishing Awareness Training

Security awareness training can help teach employees how not to fall for phishing and social engineering attacks that come in over e-mail however research shows that employees routinely forget their training. And while training is great, wouldn't it be better if a system could supplement e-mail filtering with live training that tells employees when they need to be more careful?

PhishingGuardian's contextual Impostor Detection technology does just that. It provides indicators to employees on when they need to be more cautious, thereby providing training at the point in time an employee has to decide on clicking a link or opening an attachment.

Sophisticated messaging controls and tools

Powerful Tools

PhishingGuardian provides powerful tools that enable messaging & security administrators to deal with attacks originating from sophisticated hackers who are targeting employees using spoofing and other techniques or from the disgruntled ex-employee that is targeting the CEO with aggressive patterns of behavior.

Reporting & Forensics

Correlating messaging, firewall and endpoint logs is never fun. PhishingGuardian brings together dynamic and flexible reporting capabilities that allow you to quickly investigate attacks that originate via e-mail.

Secure, fast & easy deployment and management


PhishingGuardian is a SaaS service that is deployed in a high availability, redundant configuration across multiple data centers that are SAS 70 Type II, SOC 1,2,3 Type II and FedRamp compliant. The service is offered with a 99.99% up-time SLA.

Fast & easy to deploy

PhishingGuardian integrates with and supplements organization infrastructure such as messaging gateways, anti-spam and anti-virus engines and on-premise and hosted mail platforms such as Office 365 & Google Apps. It evaluates messages before they reach your mail server and is designed so that an organization can go live in a matter of hours not days.

Fast & easy to manage

PhishingGuardian's web based management portal and reporting & forensic capabilities allow messaging & security professionals to manage the system in a fast & efficient manner.

Contact us at 1-844-744-7448 or [email protected] to learn how we can help protect your organization against targeted phishing attacks.